5 bottles of prosecco later


Hi everyone,

Amy here, welcome to our first ever blog post (it’s only taken us a year!) 

Back in January 2017 I took a job as Marketing Manager for a multi-academy trust in Cheadle Hulme. I’d spent my entire career up until this point working in Rochdale, so I was super nervous about working in a new place with nobody I knew around me. For those of you who don’t know, Rochdale and Cheadle Hulme are COMPLETELY different areas – for every pound store in Rochdale, there’s a Cheshire Housewife in or around Cheadle Hulme. I was worried I’d be out of my depths, they wouldn’t like my broad accent, notice I swear too much and my education history wasn’t prestigious enough….

It was during my second week that I met Jasmine, the Graphic Designer. I arranged an official meeting with her and although it sounds cliché within minutes we had completely hit it off. We discovered a shared love for carbohydrates and realised we both had a really sh*t sense of humour. I felt so much more relaxed knowing I got on this well with somebody I’d be working so closely with.

In the following months we grew closer as friends and Jasmine played a pivotal role in my wedding planning by designing everything from my menus to wedding themed colouring books for the kids. Then came our first works night out.... Here we discovered we’re both light-weights, but that didn’t stop us drinking 5 bottles of prosecco, declaring our undying love for one and other and waking up on Jasmine’s lounge floor. That night definitely solidified that we’d become besties.

At work, we’d immediately noticed we both have the same style and taste in pretty much everything, but most importantly – design. As time passed we realised there was so much more we could do with this shared taste so fast forward to October 2017 and Wilson & Ward Creative was born! We had no idea how things would go, but quickly with the help of family and friends we soon had work coming in. Our first job was the Cake Pod website, Jasmine had worked with Lou at Cake Pod for a long time and she whole heartedly supported us and was super positive about the incorporation of our business.

In April 2018 I made the decision to return to my comfort of Rochdale to work (wasn’t enough chippies in Cheadle Hulme and the M60 twice a day made me want to scratch out my own eye balls). We both continued working throughout our start-up year and in December 2018 Jasmine took the plunge and left her job to focus solely on Wilson & Ward Creative and her other fabulous business, Sioux Alice. Thankfully, she wouldn’t change it for the world! I still work full-time and support Jasmine with the business as much as possible. We meet at least twice a week to eat chocolate and work together.

Everything happens for a reason they say.

Amy & Jas x




Wilson & Ward Creative