Our top tips for writing your website content


Starting from scratch with your website content can be tricky, here’s our top tips for writing your content!

Research competitors’ websites

Check out your competitors’ websites and make sure you’re not missing any crucial information that they cover.

Keep text concise and ‘scanable’

Most web visitors will scan text until they see a heading or link that relates to what they’re looking for or catches their eye. Keep text as concise as possible, generally we recommend no more than 4/5 sentences per paragraph and the use of strong headings.

Check your spelling and grammar

Check your spelling and grammar and if you feel it’s necessary use a professional proof reader or ask someone else to read over your content. Read your content out loud, this helps your brain to pick out mistakes you might be missing. Accurate spelling and grammar will also support your SEO (search engine optimisation).

Avoid jargon

Avoid using jargon and acronyms. You should write using accessible language for everyone who might access your website, this will help you come across approachable and open.

Use imagery to tell your story

Show, don’t tell. Where possible you should use imagery and other media to support your text content – research shows that 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual. Images also help to break up text, making it easier to read.

Make it clear what your organisation does

The typical web visitor will click away from a website that doesn’t grab their attention within seconds. Use a statement or tagline on your homepage that makes it immediately clear what your organisation does.

Hope this helps!

Wilson & Ward Creative