We are so excited to be working with you on your new branding! The goal of this questionnaire is to help identify how you want your new brand to be perceived and for us to get a general idea of your likes, dislikes, as well as what appeals to your target market. 

Clarifying fuzzy or unclear ideas is the most important first step we can make together, so once you return this form to us, we will create a project brief based on your answers and then we can start to draft up some initial logo concepts.

Let's get started!

About you
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About your business
This is your pitch to your audience to captivate their interest, which in turn will help us to design your brand with this in mind. Your information should answer who, what, where, when, why, and how of your business.
Tell us about their age, sex, income, occupation, education, lifestyle, and purchasing habits etc What are they passionate about, their likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies, values and beliefs etc
Your Inspiration and Competitors
Please email any logos or images to info@wilsonandward.com
Style & Identity
Please note you are not choosing what will be used in your logo, this is just to give us an idea of what you like
If you don't know any exact colours you would like, please provide us with some direction e.g. warm, pastels, muted colours, bold colours etc.
Examples: Textures, golds, metallics, hand drawn elements, florals, patterns, hearts, dots, moons, stars etc