Website design

  • Before project begins

    - Completed client questionnaire/consultation
    - 50% deposit
    - We will provide a website content template for you to complete
    - Gather and send us any imagery you have for your website
    - E-signed terms & conditions

  • Week 1

    - Website content template and all imagery due
    - We will create and send you a website styling sheet

  • Week 2-3

    - We will connect your website domain and set up a ‘Coming soon’ page
    - We start drafting your website, adding your business information, adding content, formatting text, adding your branding, optimising your images, styling with colours and fonts

  • Week 4

    - We will send you a link to see the first draft of your website
    - You give us feedback on the website
    - We will make any changes within your 3 rounds of refinements (the timescale for this may vary depending on the amount of changes you require)

  • Week 5-6

    - Finalise and sign off the final website design
    - We will run through final website checks such as SEO, functionality and checking all links are connected
    - Final payment due
    - Launch website!